The Author

The Author is dead. This is the founding principle of reader response and canonical criticism. As soon as a given work is complete, the author is dead and the reader as well as the writer are forced to try and reconstruct the Author’s life, times, and intended audience, in order to better understand and participate in the world of the text. For this reason, whatever you read here About the Author is posthumous (post-humus?) and suspect, and, while the writer might still be living, both he and you the Reader are on somewhat equally unsound footing in interpreting the mind of the Author.

That said, The Author was born into the turmoil of the mid 1960’s and watched his home of Oxnard blossom from an idyllic coastal community into an overcrowded runoff of Hollywood’s refuse. As a young man he discovered the wonder of the public library, and soon became an avid reader. By high school, he was so hooked on books that he had to have at least two new novels to read each week.

Active in church and extra curricular activities, he also had a secret life of books that explored new worlds with classic Science Fiction, Science Fantasy and Mystic Fantasy. While Spiritual reality was defined for him by the Torah and Khetuvim, and Science was defined by public education, a whole other universe of possibility and what if waited in the pages of authors like Bova, Pratt, Stasheff, and Heinlein.

When reality began to impinge, he attended a number of different undergraduate programs giving him a background in electronics, computer and mechanical engineering, comparative religion, counseling, philosophy, poetics, and Divinity. (The writer denies any connection to the Author’s various intellectual pursuits, being committed to perfecting indolence and unemployment.) In college, he met and married the love of his life, known only as MMD, only to lose her (how careless) a very short time later. Presently, he tries to prove that those without a life can imagine beautiful and heartwarming worlds too. Remember, the Author is dead and the Writer refuses to claim any part of him as soon as the last keystroke is complete. . .

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