The Baen of my existence

I’m generally a patient person, but if you know anything about the writing trade you know that waiting for those rejection . . . umm I mean acceptance letters is a tedious process. I chose to submit over the threshold with my last novel and chose a publisher who specializes in military and sci-fi and of course military-scifi. They use an electronic submission form and the day I used it there was a glitch. Instead of redirecting to a confirmation page it remained on the submission form cheerily displaying the link to my submission and the little box where I was supposed to type any comments to the editor. Needless to say I clicked the friendly submit button once again, just as my email client dinged at me informing me that a confirmation email from the first time was arriving.

So now I sit here with two submissions of the same manuscript and six months later I’m worried that the double submission might affect my chances.  Soooooo I sent an email to apologize for the mix up (though it was clearly a web script bug that caused it) and to update my email address.  Now I’m concerned that my message will look like nagging for feedback.  Sigh!  I guess pathos of such mediocre nature is proof I’m a writer.

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