Period or Coma?

I wonder if the following really reads right. Is it too pedantic and does it really hint at what it’s like traveling by horse through Essex in the 17th century. Comments would be welcome.

The Ladies were soon packed into the coach and the last of the luggage bound in place before the sun had begun to peak over the roofs and gables on the town. They moved out at a brisk pace, letting the horses burn some of the restlessness that had them whickering and stamping while loading. Even the normally placid team of four pulling the wagon were frisking a bit and nipping the air. As the day wore on they cleared the outskirt of the Tilbury and were soon wending their way through the cots and pastures. Once out of the village they made good time and before the hour they were just pulling into Laindon.

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3 Responses to Period or Coma?

  1. TMBMT says:

    wow that text is tiny… my morning eyes can’t read it, I’ll come back in a few hours lol

  2. Fred says:

    Are you sure? It seems fine to me. 🙂

  3. TMBMT says:

    That’s much better :]

    I was going to correct you but then realized that both “peek” and “peak” can work for the sun topping a house, this amuses me quite a bit. I think you did mean “*at* a brisk pace” though.

    It reads well to me, of course, I have no idea what it’s like to travel by horse through Essex in the 17th century…

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